Welcome to Honest Eats Farm LLC

Our mission is simple: We want to make eating well easier.

It shouldn’t be easier to hit a drive-thru than it is to eat safe, nutritious food grown by someone you can shake hands with. At Honest Eats Farm, we are committed to providing you not only with the highest quality food but with the tools and information you need to get it to the dinner table.

Family owned and operated, Honest Eats Farm provides fresh, handcrafted, nutritious food to families in Southeastern Michigan within a 18 mile radius of Willis.

While we are not Certified Organic, we do use organic farming practices, non-GMO seeds, and natural cycles at all times so that the food on your table contains no synthetic substances – just the way nature intended.

We provide:

  • The freshest, most nutritious food we can grow;
  • Ideas on how to use your share in new and tasty ways;
  • Information on how to store your food to make sure it stays fresh for as long as possible;
  • Peace of mind knowing who is growing your food and how it is being grown.